Who We Are

Welcome to Koko Cheri, where we curate collections around what you're looking for through our KokoBabe💋 survey. 

When I started Koko Cheri, I was looking to find a way to fill the gap between the fast fashion found on many online boutiques, and the on-trend, quality pieces that women like me were looking for; Pieces that are so FIYAH they give you that extra energy when you're going to work, out with friends, or even just going to the grocery store (Can we talk about all the ways you can dress up leggings?!?!). 

Koko Cheri's online shopping experience was created for the women I know who inspire people by both their style and their spirit: mothers, game-changers, thought-leaders, friends, wives, and the list goes on! These type of women, women like you, want a shopping experience where their feedback and opinions are immediately heard and put into practice. 

The KoKo Cheri Collection is curated for the woman with an eye for style who doesn’t want to be defined, but has a defining eye for the sophisticated style she wants. She puts things together in a way that others don’t see. She embodies energy, and most importantly she knows what she wants. 

Our curated collections are curated by me, but with your help! Quarterly, KokoBabe💋 subscribers are sent a 5-question survey telling me what they want more (or less) of in the new curated collection. Need Koko Cheri to offer more hi-low shirt options, shorts, or re-stock that chunky necklace that sold-out? Tell me and effect the next curated collection drop!

I am so excited to bring you this shopping experience. Stay connected with me, and give me your thoughts on this new online shopping experience, driven by the customer, by subscribing below to the email list. I hope you enjoy shopping this site, as much as I enjoy curating the collections on this website, for you.


Bye for now,